52 : 365

51 : 365

50 : 365

Pizza dough.



48 : 365

9 weeks!

47 : 365

Melli creating her artbook - read about it here.

46 : 365

Vegie lasagne in the making.

45 : 365

The February rain and intense summer-heat creates green, green and more green in my garden.


44 : 365

43 : 365

Byron Bay at night.

42 : 365

Another family portrait goes awry... :)



39 : 365

Looking in.


38 : 365

Looking up to the sky today. It is full of rain clouds. And, these bright red leaves...

(texture from here.)


37 : 365

Eight weeks.


36 : 365

Today: One wide-awake baby, one tired big sister... an me taking that extra few minutes, in the afternoon light, to take a photo or two I am happy with.

Yesterday: Thankyou for your encouraging and kind words. I needed them!


35 : 365

Such a beautiful subject... such a crapola shot. Which is how I'm feeling about so many of the photos I am taking right now. They are all wrong: wrong light, wrong shutter speed, out of focus etc etc. With three kids on my hands I feel like I am rushing around all day and my photos are starting to reflect that rushed energy. I need to slow down and focus.

But, even in this low-light, blurry capture, I see Maddi's personality shining through. Such a happy, inquisitive character she is.


34 : 365

From February 2010
From February 2010

Nothing soothes her like being wrapped and carried.


33 : 365


32 : 365

I declare this to be the week of baby Maddison pics! Whether blurry or sharp, amatuer or awesome - the week is all about her. She is already on her way to being 7 weeks old. It's going too fast. If I wait for the "perfect" photo opportunity, the "perfect" light, the "perfect" time... I will miss my chance to document these precious, fleeting, baby days altogether.

So, brace yourselves for a week of not-so-perfect photos of my perfect little angel.