35 : 365

Such a beautiful subject... such a crapola shot. Which is how I'm feeling about so many of the photos I am taking right now. They are all wrong: wrong light, wrong shutter speed, out of focus etc etc. With three kids on my hands I feel like I am rushing around all day and my photos are starting to reflect that rushed energy. I need to slow down and focus.

But, even in this low-light, blurry capture, I see Maddi's personality shining through. Such a happy, inquisitive character she is.


  1. Oh what huge eyes and sweet little smile. I think this shot is beautiful. A bit of mystery surrounds her, a little Mona Lisa.

  2. Gorgeous photo Megan. I know how you feel though ~ sometimes, particularly with 365 projects, it can be such a rush. But as a collection, they will be fabulous. Especially with all these beautiful baby shots.

  3. I can really empathise with how you're feeling. I was so excited with both my babes to have such a great photographic subject but the reality is when they're calm and content it is often the time to jump in the shower or make a quick dash for the loo! Time marches on at inconsistent rates so by the time you're ready with camera in hand often bub is ready for another sleep. I have lots and lots and lots of sleeping shots! The other challenge is that babies are better kept out of the sun and as such tend to spend a lot of time in low light situations... another challenge when you're rushed off your feet. Can I really be bothered setting up a tripod?!?!

    Nonetheless your photo is beautiful. You've captured her gorgeous eyes and the intent way she is looking at her mother with that black thing in her hands - again!

    Try not to get too disheartened.

  4. I adore this photo. I think the lighting is fabulous as is the softness of lines. It's quite ethereal.

    Be kind to yourself. Let yourself enjoy the journey with your photography, whatever it offers up.

    From one soul sister to another - SURRENDER! xxx

  5. I agree with everything Sally said. I was so disheartened I didn't get all the lovely newborn shots I had planned in my head. But honestly, living life is the most important part, capturing what you can comes second.

    Oh, and this photo is lovely - what an intense gaze she has!

  6. hang in there...and enjoy your time with your baby...your photos are wonderful and real :)